What makes Rakavii unique, is the integration of leadership development we we bring to the athletic community. We build skills and behaviors in coaches and athletes that drives their teams, and puts their leadership into practice. Take a look into our tool kit and the ways were changing the objective of sports, to not just produce champions, but to create great leaders. 


Leaders Worth Following: Coaches Seminar 2021

  • Work with the noteworthy rugby coaches in the US, to up your teams skill development and play book 

  • Access to the best practices from top rugby program developers, to better grow your organization, create more inclusivity and build membership

  • Leadership development courses that will challenge and disrupt. Participants will be test their abilities and build the skills needed to lead with confidence and authenticity 

  • Interested in attending? 

Rakavii Coach Advising Program (RCAP)


  • ​Whether you are just starting your career in rugby coaching or are looking to enhance your coaching skills, we can help. 

  • RCAP always begins with a TriMetrix Talent assessment from TTI Success Insights. Our Director of Leadership Development, Jessie Osborne, is a certified TTI partner and will work with you in a 1:1 space to unpack use your behavioral style in conjunction with your motivators and competencies, to identify easy pathways to elevate your leadership style. In this space you'll not only gain great insight, but you will be able to safely address communication and behavior challenges you encounter as a coach. 

  • All RCAP participants receive three virtual 1:1's with Director of Performance, Tui Osborne. Tui is the current Men's Rugby Head Coach at St. Bonaventure University. In his 25 year career, Tui has served as Life University Head Men's Coach and is a former USA Eagle. 

  • The RCAP experience also includes an invitation to shadow Coach Tui at St. Bonaventure University


The Future Leader


  • Our Future Leader experience is not just for ruggers. We offer this to all athletes looking to develop their leadership skills. 

  • Athletic leaders will be challenged to better understand their behaviors, motivations and capabilities, and will receive access to some of the best organizational behavior and leadership development tools on the market

  • This a private 1:1 personal coaching experience, over a span of three sessions, with our  Director of Leadership

  • Athletes with work weekly with our team and receive a personal comprehensive report that will provide deep insight toward developing a strong leadership style

  • Athletes will also have an opportunity to work through specific and real life challenges, testing their leadership skills in real time


A Leader Worth Following

  • Our flagship development program -created by Jessie Osborne,  Director of Development - this program has shown great success over the years and we are very proud of the legacy is creating amongst athletic teams

  • Can be built for any teams, not limited to rugby!

  • Players use numerous diagnostic tools and organizational assessments to gain a clear benchmark on what development is needed to progress and build a better future for the organization

  • Coaches also take part in this interactive training

  • Each training is customizable to the team, and price varies on those needs, tools and the time dedicated to building your leaders


Meet Our

 Director of Leadership


Jessie Osborne

The secret weapon and really the one who steers the helm of this ship, is Jessie. Our Co-Founder and Leadership Director here at Rakavii is not only proficient in analyzing organizational behavior, she also has a keen eye for creating leadership development opportunities.


 In addition to working with athletes and coaches at Rakavii,

Jessie also runs Route Consulting (  

 Working with reputable organizations to create better workplace cultures, increasing employee engagement and developing leaders is not just Jessie's career, it's her passion and she has integrated that passion into athletics.

Jessie holds a BS in Psychology from Life University, A Master of Science in Organizational Leadership from Brenau University, is a certified VAA with TTI Success Insight and has certifications with:

  • Cornell University, Diversity + Inclusion Certified​​
  • TTI Success Insights DISC Certified

  • TTI Success Insights 12 Driving Forces® Certified

  • TTI Success Insights Motivators Certified

  • TTI Success Insights Emotional Quotient™ Certified

  • TTI Success Insights TriMetrix® HD Certified